About Us

Misgurnus (Weatherfish) Association is based in Csíkszereda in the Eastern Carpathians of Romania. Its goal is to raise awareness of natural treasures among the people who inhabit Szeklerland and especially the Csík Basin, from small children to adults. An other important goal is to maintain and propagate techniques and knowledge related to traditional agriculture. Our association was founded in 2011, but its members were active in the field of nature conservation, research and environmental education for about a decade. The name of the association comes from the weatherfish (Misgurnus fossilis), a species once typical of this land but now threatened with extinction. We developed several nature trails, produced a number of nature-related publications and lead many activities for children to explore nature.

Demeter László - biologist, habitat and species research
Péter Gabriella -
Szántó László - ecologist, bat specialist
Kelemen Alpár - habitat mapping
Csergő Anna-Mária - botanist
Pásztohy Zoltán - geologist
Imecs István -
several students of Sapientia University